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ALPHA established in 1998 is the flagship company of the ALPHA Group. ALPHA JPS INDUSTRIES Collaborated with ALPHA JPS INDUSTRIES LTD (UK) LONDON, for BIO CLEANING Products such as LAUNDRY BIO CARE Products. The core strategy behind this plant was to materialize innovative ideas, increase manufacturing additional products through latest plant and machineries, and highly equipped laboratory for R&D by engaging qualified and well experienced employees in respective field to develop Bio Cleaning Products.

In 2016 company has changed its name to “AABSN INDUSTRIES INDIA PVT. LTD” The companies have registered with TRADE MARK OF “AABSN” in market and instead of ALPHA. We are committed to continuous improvement in Quality Product, Research & Development, Health, Safety & Environment, Human Resource Development and Energy conservation. (Supplied: Local market and International)

In a dynamic world that is driven by new formulation with Bio technology, a successful presence depends on the way you mould that formulation to fit popular needs. Indigenous talent, a daring attitude, courage to accept and learn new things and the simple spark of an idea. That is the formulation genesis of AABSN.

Biological Resources – Bio Products
Bio-products are from renewable bio resources. This pertains to the design, development and implementation of processes, technologies for the sustainable manufacture of materials, chemicals from renewable biological resources. Biochemical conversion technologies are biologically-derived natural resources containing some of the main constituents of the natural world. Bio Products are degradable naturally and it turns to ECO – Friendly product. These Bio products are environmental friendly products.

Bio Technology
The Bio Technology in its desire to be the best and to meet the exclusive requirements of various customers across the globe. It has acquired the knowledge for well equipped R & D facilities, to test the products in all factors related to the performance and the reliability by simulating the environmental and field conditions for the robustness checking to meet the stringent conditions. The objectives of Technology are formulation and Development integration (New product development and Product performance evaluation).
Engaged in the continuous upgradation of products by adopting new technologies to bring out highly reliable and long lasting products to satisfy the end customer needs.

The proposed objectives include:

  • Identification of new products, application and process.
  • Improvement in existing product and process.
  • Adoption of new technologies to bring out highly reliable and long lasting products to satisfy the end customer needs.
  • Development of high durable product.
  • Environmental Management System and Control of pollution.
  • Development of low cost alternate materials.
  • Standardization of Products


We are backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is fully equipped with advanced technology and machinery of flawless quality that matches international level standards. Our production unit is capable of introducing a new product, sampling, assistance in product application or more complex issues. It is laced with sophisticated machinery to manufacture best quality. We have a world class facility to manufacture all our chemicals in an environment friendly to atmosphere. Thus, we are able to offer excellent products at industry leading prices. The machines installed within our production unit are sourced from reliable vendors and are maintained for high level productivity and efficiency. Their usage enables us to fabricate wide range of products as per the requirements of our customers. Also we put a lot of stress at our plant to recycle and reuse to decrease the impacts on environment.

Laundry Bio Care Division - Applicable For

  • All type of White High Quality Bed Linen
  • All type of Yellow Stain Linen
  • All type of White Bath & Hand Terry Towels
  • All type of Yellow Stain Terry Towels
  • SPA Terrey Towels.

  • Oil massage color Terry Towels.
  • White and Color Chef Coats
  • White Bath mats
  • Color Pool Towels
  • White pillow covers and Etc.,

Bio Products

  • Matic Detergent Powder
  • Alkaline Boosters
  • Emulsifiers
  • Bleaches – Liquid & Powder
  • Neutralizer – Liquid & Powder
  • Liquid Fabric Care
  • Brightener liquid & Powder
  • Washing Detergent Liquid
  • Liquid Stain Remover
  • Foam less Liquid
  • Anti Bacterial Protector Liquid
  • Fabric Spray
  • Multiply Stain In White Linen
  • Starch Liquid
  • White Smart liquid
  • White Converter Liquid